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LTA: Short Piece of Time

All right so this has got to be one of my favorite chapters so far... I had to wait to write it for "What Is and What Should Never Be" to actually air... I wanted to keep it accurate to what happened. I love this chapter... it's amazing... I'm gonna delve more into Dean's emotions and stuff in the next chapter though....

“I. Love. You.”

The words still echoed in Emma’s mind even three weeks after he said them. By now her father had adjusted to the news and was even excited for them. The trio didn’t stay at Bobby’s very long, only a few days. Then they were off on the hunt again. Much to Emma’s disagreement Dean had the brilliant idea of doing an old friend of their father’s a favor. It involved them willingly putting themselves in prison. Emma tried to convince Dean of how stupid he was but it didn’t work and they were gone for almost a week. It drove Emma crazy. When they finally did return to the hotel Emma was staying at in Illinois they had ditched the plates on the Impala and gotten rid of every trace of themselves. Dean explained to Emma what happened. Needless to say, Emma was furious. That wasn’t important though. They were on another case.

People were going missing. Emma and Sam stayed behind at the hotel to figure out what was happening and Dean left to try and find the people, and whatever was doing this to them. It was Sam that called Dean that night to tell him. Emma wanted to but Sam insisted. It was a djinn, a kind of genie. “Sam, I have a bad feeling about this. Just tell him to come back here and we’ll tell him what it is. You know what will happen if you tell him now, he’ll just want to go after it a-”

“Hey, Dean.” Emma rolled her eyes as Sam spoke of a cop car outside. “Yeah, well we know what it is. It’s a djinn. These things are everywhere in the Quran.” Sam paused for a moment. “Dean wait, let me and Em go-”

“Is he gonna?! Alone?! What is he stupid?! Give me that damn phone Sam!” It was too late though. Dean had already hung up the phone. Emma sighed and looked at Sam. “We have to find him. I mean what if this thing sneaks up on him or something Sam. He’s such an idiot.”

What was happening? Nothing was right. He had called Sam and Sam insisted he was drunk dialing. Why would Sammy say something like that? Who was this Carmen chick and where the hell was Emma? “Sammy, what about Emma?”

“Emma? Who’s Emma? Dean… you’re not… you’re not cheating on Carmen are you?”

“What? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Dean, who the hell is Emma?”

Dean hung up the phone when he heard a voice behind him. “Dean?” For a brief moment he swore he heard Emma’s voice but it was too soft, too gentle to be Emma.

He turned and saw the woman he woke up next to, Carmen. “Hi… Carmen.” He spoke to her for a few moments, telling her that everything was all right and he’d come back to bed soon. He took a moment to look around the room at the pictures. What was happening? Why would Sammy say he’s drunk? Where was Emma?

Then he saw it. One picture seemed to explain everything. He held it in his hands unable to believe it was real. It couldn’t be real. Without putting it back on the shelf he dropped it and was out the door. Dean smiled when he saw his baby sitting outside his house. “Thank god,” he whispered. Dean got in the car and tore off down the road. He pulled up to what he always thought was Hell on Earth, his old home in Lawrence. Dean ran out of the car and up to the door, pounding on it and ringing the doorbell incessantly. The light came on and the door opened and Dean’s heart stopped. “Mom?”

Wishes can come true. They had for Dean. His mother was alive, Sam was with Jessica. Nothing could go wrong now. That’s what Dean thought until he started seeing this girl. Then, while sitting at home watching television he saw the report. It was the second anniversary of the crash of United Britania flight 424. The crash that Sam and Dean had stopped. That’s when it started. Everything began to crumble. Everyone his father, Sam, and he had saved was dead. He wanted to tell Sammy about it but Sam wouldn’t believe him.

So Dean now stood at his father’s grave, searching for answers. “Why do I have to be some kind of hero?” Tears streamed down the Winchester’s face like waterfalls. “I can’t go after it alone Dad. What am I supposed to do? You never started hunting. I have no con-” He stopped instantly at that thought. “Emma.” Bobby Singer had been a hunter before John met him. Which means Emma was still a hunter.

Dean rushed home and did all the research he could to find out what he could about Bobby. His heart sunk when he found the article though, the obit. Robert Singer, murdered savagely in his home. Dean couldn’t believe it. Nothing compared to what he read after that though. “MECHANIC BUTCHERED BY PSYCHOTIC DAUGHTER” Psychotic? Emma? Emma would never do that. He read through the article. “Robert ‘Bobby’ Singer’s body was found a little over a month ago, butchered. He was found in several pieces scattered around his house. Found at the scene, covered in his blood was his twenty-six year old daughter Emma. Two days ago Singer was found guilty and sent to the South Dakota Human Services Center, otherwise known as Yankton State Hospital, as she was found not to have the mental stability for prison.” The article came out a month before Dean read it. It went on to discuss the details of the trial but Dean didn’t care.

Dean stared at the paper. “They locked her up? She wouldn’t kill Bobby,” he whispered. Dean jumped off the couch and ran out of the house to his car. He tore off down the street and headed out of Lawrence. It wasn’t until late the next day or early the morning after that, that Dean finally pulled into Yankton, South Dakota.

He got a hotel room and slept for a few hours before leaving for the hospital. Dean got there and walked up to the front desk. “Can I help you,” an older woman behind the desk asked.

“Yeah umm,” Dean paused for a moment, his hands were shaking. “I’m looking for a patient here.”


“Emma Singer.”

The woman looked up at him. “I’m sorry sir, she’s in our Isolation unit, only family is allowed to visit her.”

“I’m her fiance. We had a bit of a falling out a while ago, I want to check on her,” he said quickly.

The woman studied him for a moment. “May I see some ID please?”

“Yeah.” Dean pulled out his wallet and found his driver’s license. He still hadn’t gotten used to not using a fake ID. The woman studied the ID for a moment before calling an orderly down to direct him to Emma’s room.

“Emma Singer,” she told the orderly who cringed at the name.

It seemed to Dean that everyone here seemed to fear Emma. “So you were getting married to this psycho bitch?”

“Shut up,” Dean snapped. He knew very well that Emma was no ‘psycho bitch’. The orderly stopped in front of a large metal door with a tiny window.

He knocked on the door and shouted. “Singer you got a visitor.”

With that the orderly opened the door. He pointed to the call button on the side of the wall inside and told Dean to hit if she tries anything. Dean walked in and closed the door behind him. The room was white, sterile. Dean was shocked there wasn’t padding on it. Emma sat in a chair by the window, staring out it. She looked over at him slowly. When she saw him her eyes widened. Dean thought for a moment she remembered him. “Hi,” he said softly.

“Great,” Emma sighed. “I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that hot doctor with the emo glasses.” She rolled her eyes.

Dean laughed, leaning against the wall. “What makes you say that?”

“I’m having full conversations with my hallucinations now.”

“I’m a hallucination?”

Emma looked at him for a moment. “Why else would I be seeing you? I’ve seen you almost every night since I got here. What makes this any different, other than I’m pretty sure I’m still awake.” She stood and walked over to him. There were marks on her arms that seemed to be from her fingernails. She was pale and thinner than Dean remembered. “So does my hallucination have a name?”

“Dean… Winchester,” he answered.

“Like the-”

“Rifle? Yeah.” He smiled at her taking a step closer. He couldn’t help but close the gap between them. Things felt right when he kissed Carmen but never perfect like when he was close to Emma, even though Emma had no idea who he was.

“So what brings you to see me Dean Winchester, if you aren’t a hallucination?”

“What happened to your father?”

“Didn’t you hear? I went crazy and chopped him up into pieces.” She took a step back, away from him and looked up at him. There was something about him, something so familiar, other than the dreams she had. Something about the way he smelled, the way his voice sent chills down her spine. She couldn’t explain it but it was there.

“That’s not what the papers say you said. What do you think happened to your father?”

“And why should I tell you? You wouldn’t believe me anyway.”

“You were hunting something? Hunt gone wrong?”

Emma’s eyes shot up towards him when he said ‘hunting’. “What… what do you know about hunting?”

“More than you think. Tell me what happened.”

Emma sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed. “A man showed up at our house. It was early in the morning. A demon, well a man possessed by one. A bad one. He told my father he was looking for a gun. See there’s this gun that Samuel Colt.”

“Bobby had the Colt?”

“You know about the Colt?” Emma shook her head and ran her fingers through her short blonde hair. “My dad said he didn’t have it. The man knew better though. I’ve run into some powerful demons before but this was something else. Holy water had no affect on him.”

“Did he have yellow eyes?”

“Yeah,” Emma answered. “I told him to get the hell out. He threw me against the wall. I blacked out and when I woke up again the Colt was gone and my dad was scattered in pieces around the room. There was so much blood. I should have been smarter,” she whispered. “I shouldn’t have been so stupid. I should have saved him. He’s my dad.” Tears filled her eyes and she buried her head in her hands.

She looked up slowly when she felt Dean’s hands on her knees. He was kneeling in front of her and their eyes met for a moment. “I know how you feel. My father made a deal with a demon to save my life. I’m so sorry Emma,” he whispered kissing her forehead.

Emma backed away from him and looked at him with a baffled and frightened expression. “Who are you?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about Emma. You’re the only one I can tell that will believe me. None of this is real.” Dean sat down next to her and sighed. “A few days ago… my brother Sammy and I, we were working on this hunt. We were hunting a djinn. I… I went to stop it.”

“You went after a djinn alone?! What are you stupid?!”

“Shut up and listen. I went after it and it sidelined me. Then I wake up next to this girl, my mother’s still alive, Sammy’s girlfriend’s still alive and you’re here.”

“I knew you?”

“Umm,” Dean glanced down and turned a little red. “Yeah. You were umm… you were pregnant.”

Emma stared wide eyed at Dean. “I was what? Please don’t tell me it’s with your….” Dean simply nodded his head. “Oh god, my father would kill me.”

“Yeah,” Dean said with a laugh. “That’s not really important. I need you to help me. You have to help me find it, kill it. I can’t keep doing this, I have to set things right.”

Emma nodded and looked down. There was something about being close to the complete stranger that felt right to Emma. She didn’t even realize it but both of them had reached over and laced each others’ fingers together. When they both finally noticed they looked down at their hands then back to lock eyes with each other. Who was this man, this Dean Winchester?

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