Katie (pluginzeta) wrote,

fic: Run Through the Jungle (1/-)

Title: Run Through The Jungle
Fandom: Thor (Movie!verse/zombie au)
Rating: PG-13/R (its really just language stuff right now, though there might be some pretty bloody parts later on in the story)
Summary: After sparking a war with Jotunheim, Thor is banished to Earth.  But Odin has more in mind that simply teaching Thor a lesson.  After crashing down to Earth, Thor discovers that Midgard is not how he remembered.  An infection has spread across the entire realm, cause people to turn on each other.  After Odin falls into the Odinsleep, Loki is informed of the conditions on Earth and decides to offer his brother a hand.  But when they’re both refused entrance back into Asgard, Thor and Loki have only a pair of mortals, traveling to New York, to turn to.
Author’s Note: I want to thank Ash (kitsu84) for letting me bounce ideas off of her.  And I’d like to thank Magnus Martinsson for being in the initial zombie apocalypse dream that sparked all of this.

Also if you have any suggestions for communities that I should crosspost this at, let me know.  I haven't been on LJ in a while, so I'm not really a part of any communities for this.

“Storm’s coming,” Clint said quietly.  Clint Barton and Samantha Harper were holed up in an old creaky house in Nowheresville, New Mexico.  The place was long abandoned, even before the outbreak two years ago.  Sam sat in the window on the second floor and looked out over the ghost town.  The early autumn night sky was lit up by moonlight barely piercing through clouds, and lightning.  It signaled a storm and hopefully some much needed rain.

Sam sighed.  “We should-”

“I swear to god, Harper if the next words out of your mouth are ‘keep moving’, I won’t be held responsible for my actions.”  Clint looked down at her as he paced slowly.  “You need rest, Sam.  We’ve been on foot for three days and you’ve hardly slept.”  He stopped on the other side of the window and leaned his shoulder against the wall.  “We’re staying put tonight.”

“I don’t like just sitting around.”

“I know you don’t.  You think I do?”  He shook his head and took a seat on the windowsill.  “We’ve gone through this place.  There’s no one left alive here.  We’ve gathered plenty of supplies, save for more ammo but we can find that somewhere else.  Just relax.  This is the safest place we’ll find tonight.”

“We’re wasting time.”

“You’re exhausted, Sam.  You need to sleep.  We’re not good to anyone if we’re dead.”

Sam sighed.  “I just-”

“Samantha.  No.”

By now, Sam knew when he snapped like, called her ‘Samantha’, there was no changing his mind.  She left the window, however reluctantly.  There was an old mattress on the floor across the room.  Sam curled up on it, even though she had no intention of sleeping.  Exhaustion won out in the end though and sleep caught up with her.


It felt like only a few minutes before Clint shook her awake.  “Sammy… Sammy wake up.  I got a truck working.  I’m gonna drive back to that old base we passed on the way here.  See if I can’t salvage anything.”

“Wha- what?”  Sam rubbed her eyes and opened them slowly.  She noticed instantly the sunlight coming in through the window.  Clint’s words settled in her mind and she nodded, pushing herself to her feet.  “Go on,” she said as she stretched.  “I’ll be fine.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m awake.”  Sam walked over to a shotgun that was leaning against the wall by the window.  She took back her spot in the window with the gun on her lap.  “Hurry up and get back here,” she told him.  Clint smirked and ran down the stairs.

She saw the blue SUV down in front of the house.  It was covered in dust, so making out its color was a little troublesome.  Sam watched it drive off back the way they came.  Two slow, agonizing hours passed before anything caught her attention.  It wasn’t much.  Not like the last time she was left alone and a group of eight converged on their safe house.  No, this time it was simply one man.  A large blonde stumbling down the street.

Sam sat up straight and lifted the shotgun.  She was aimed and ready to fire but something stopped her.  Sure the guy looked like he’d been through a fight at least.  He was dusty.  But he seemed far toclean to be infected.  There was always a possibility that he was a resident of the town.  The last to survive before recently being bitten.  Sam climbed down from the window and quietly made her way down the stairs and out the door.  By the time she got downstairs the man had just passed the house.  When she walked out into the street she raised the shotgun.   “Stop there,” she shouted.

The man stopped and turned around.  It seemed to take a moment before it registered to him that she was pointing a weapon at him.  “You dare threaten the son of Odin?”  He moved forward, reaching for the gun.

Sam took a quick step back.  “Back off big guy!”  She cocked the gun and rested her finger lightly on the trigger.  Sam took a moment to look him over.  He was large, tall and nothing but muscle.

“Your pathetic weapon means nothing to me,” he said quickly, taking another step forward.

Sam’s finger tightened around the trigger.  “Whoa!”  Clint shouted as he jumped out of the SUV.  “Whoa, Harper calm down.”  He ran up to Sam’s side, feet sliding on the dusty road, and put his hand on her arms.  “Put it down.”  He was met with some resistance as he pushed her arms down, but eventually she gave in and lowered the gun.  “He’s not infected, look at him.”

Clint was right.  Sam could tell.  He was dirty, and had a large scratch on his forehead, but aside from that there was no evidence of exposure to the infection.  He was safe, as crazy as he sounded.  “Who the hell are you,” she snapped.

“Will you take it easy, Sam?  Give the guy a break.”

He looked around at his surroundings before his eyes fell on Clint and Sam.  “I am Thor Odinson.”

Sam stared blankly at him for a moment before she looked over at Clint.  “Are you sure I can’t shoot him.”

“Where are all the people,” Thor asked.  “What has happened in this realm?”

“Are you serious?  What do you mean where are all the people?  Where the fuck have you been-”

“Easy, Harper,” Clint warned.  He leaned over to her.  “He’s a big guy, we’re not.  I’d rather not piss him off all right.”  Clint stepped forward with his arms raised.  “You don’t know about the virus?  At first it just wiped people out.  Then it… mutated or something.  I don’t know.  But the outbreak was two years ago.  How can you not know about it?”

“I am not of this realm.”

“It was a global outbreak you idiot,” Sam snapped.  Whoever this guy was, he wasn’t very useful.  She didn’t care about his answers anymore.  She turned to Clint.  “Did you find anything we could use?”

“Yeah,” he answered.  “But listen, you won’t believe what I saw out there.  There was this massive crater, that I swear wasn’t there when we passed through yesterday.”

“A crater,” the blonde asked.  “Where?”

“What?  Uhh, a few miles south.”  Clint turned back to Sam.  “Its crazy.  I have no idea where it came from.”

“And,” Sam asked.

“Please,” Thor began.  “If you take me back there-”

“No way.” Sam interrupted heading for the car.  “Absolutely not, I’m not going back the way we came for no reason.”

“Please,” Thor asked again.


“What’s back there,” Clint asked.


“I AM NOT GOING BACK TWENTY MILES FOR A FUCKING IMAGINARY HAMMER,” Sam shouted.  Thor and Clint both stared at her.  “What?”

“Nothing,” Clint answered.

“You’re on your own buddy,” Sam assured Thor.

“Very well.”  Thor nodded to them then headed in the direction Clint pointed out.

Sam and Clint stood by the car and watched him walk away.  “What the hell is he doing?” she asked.  “He’s unarmed.”  

Clint shrugged.  “I guess that thing’s really important to him.”  He glanced over at Sam.  “Are we really gonna let him wonder off alone, with no defense?”

“The man’s a fucking tree.  I’m sure he can handle his own.”

“Sam,” Clint said simply.  “He’s gonna get himself killed out there.”

All Clint had to do was look at her.  It was a talent he had.  It was how he managed to convince her to let him travel with her.  She rolled her eyes and pushed herself away from the car before taking a few steps toward Thor as he walked away.  “Hey,” she called after him.  “I can’t believe I’m saying this,” she sighed.  “Get in the car.”

Thor turned and walked back to her.  “Thank you Sam Harper.”  He reached out to take her hand and she backed away.

“Don’t touch me.”

“As you wish.”  The two returned to the car and Thor climbed into the backseat.  Clint was driving and Sam sat in the front.

“We’ll take you to the crater, but from there you’re on your own,” Sam told him.

“That is all I require.  Once I have Mjolnir-”

“Stop talking.”



Loki sat on the throne.  The throne of Asgard.  He was now ruler of Asgard.  Admittedly it was not something he foresaw.  It certainly was not his plan.  But he wasn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste.  One of the guards entered the throne room and knelt before Loki.  “My…. king, Heimdall wishes to speak with you.”

“Does he now?  What is his message?”

“He wishes to speak with you in person.  He has a message about your brother.”

At the mention of Thor, Loki sat up straight.  He considered the guard for a moment.  “Very well,” he answered and let the guard leave.

When Loki crossed the rainbow bridge and reached the bifrost, Heimdall was waiting for him.  “What is this news of Thor,” he asked.

“I have been keeping my eye on him during his exile,” Heimdall answered.  “I can see what happens on Midgard.  Your brother is in danger.”  Heimdall could tell by the look on Loki’s face, that he was disinterested in the conversation.  “There is a sickness in that realm.  The people have turned on each other, tearing at their flesh with hands and teeth.  Most of the population is overcome,” he explained.  “Thor is there living as a mortal, Loki.  He will surely die if something is not done.”

“So you want me to what?  Undo his banishment?  I cannot undo my father’s orders, Heimdall.  I am sorry.”

“My king,” Heimdall began.  “Your brother’s fate rests in your hands.  I am only telling you of the dangers I saw down there.  He will die.”

Loki considered Heimdall’s words for a moment.  The idea of Thor’s death, oddly enough, did not sit well with him.  Banishment, yes, but death was something else entirely.  “Was my father aware of this.”

“I believe he was,” Heimdall answered.

He knew? He knew and still he banished Thor to that place?  Loki thought about what should be done.  Perhaps if he visited Earth, aided Thor a little in survival, then his brother would be fine.  A short trip would not hurt anything.  He would be back in time to carry out his plans.  “Very well,” Loki announced.  “I shall visit him, aid him if he needs it.  Open the bifrost to no one but me until I return, understand?”

“Yes, my king,” Heimdall answered.


The drive to the crater was silent for the most part.  They stopped the car at the top of a hill overlooking the area.  As the three approached the edge of the hill they heard noises.  Sam raised her hand, signaling them to slow their approach.  Sure enough when they reached the edge of the hill and looked out over the crater, they saw the largest group of infected that Sam had ever seen.  They flocked to this crater like it was some sort of zombie Mecca.

“Fuck,” she muttered.  She dropped to the ground as did Clint.  When she looked back and saw Thor beginning to walk passed her she grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to the ground.  “What the hell are you doing,” she whispered through gritted teeth.  “There’s no way we’re getting in there buddy.  That’s suicide and forgive me, but I’m not going to throw my life away for this.”

“I could take them out from here,” Clint told her.

“There’s too many,” she answered.  “There’s no way.  Get back to truck, we’re heading out.”  Sam pushed herself into a squatting position overlooking the site.

“Why don’t you just go down there and get it?”

The voice did not belong to Clint, nor the strange blonde man.  It came from just behind her, and whoever spoke was definitely standing.  Sam pulled her gun and without looking back she turned it on the man who spoke.  “Brother,” Thor exclaimed.

“Shut up,” Sam snapped.  She froze in place and watched, waiting to see if Thor’s voice made it down this canyon.  Sam slowly looked back and saw a tall slender young man standing behind her.  He had long black hair and she had no idea what he was wearing.  A lot of leather, like someone out of Lord of the Rings or something.  For a split second she was blinded as he turned slightly and the sun reflected off the metal in his breastplate.  “Get down,” she snapped.  She took hold of his wrist and pulled him to the ground.  “Who the fuck are you?”

“This is my brother,” Thor explained. “Loki.”  He looked to his brother.  “What are you doing here?”

“Heimdall told me of the situation here and I came to make sure you were al right.”

“What the hell is going on, Harper,” Clint asked.

“I have no idea.”  She looked over at the newcomer and the large blonde man. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but uhhh, what the hell did you mean just walk in there?  Are you blind?”

Loki rolled his eyes and just as Sam was about to call him on on it, he disappeared completely.  “Barton… did you just-”


Suddenly Sam felt someone tap on her shoulder from behind her.  She spun around and sure enough, Loki was ducked down behind her. “How did you…?”

“My brother is quite the trickster,” Thor explained.

“I can conceal both Thor and myself.  We can get through completely unnoticed.”

She couldn’t believe she was considering this, given that what they were saying was only myths.  But she couldn’t deny what she saw, what Clint saw just now.  She looked back at him and Clint simply shrugged.  It seemed neither of them knew what to do with the strangers.  “Fine,” she said reluctantly.  “But you have thirty minutes to get down there, get the hammer, and get back before we leave your asses here.  Got it?”

Loki nodded.  As soon as he and Thor stood they both disappeared.  Sam looked over at Clint.  “Thirty minutes.  Before it gets too dark,” she told him.

Clint nodded.  “Thirty minutes.”

As Loki and Thor moved, undetected, through the group, both noticed the people around them, if one could call them that.  They were covered in blood and god knows what else.  Loki didn’t even want to think about it.  The smell alone made him sick.  It seemed like they might have been attempting some sort of communication with each other, but it sounded more like grunts and incoherent moaning.  “They’re worse than you when you’ve been drinking,” Loki teased.

They had to paused every few minutes and wait for the “people” in their path to move.  It took them longer than Loki expected to get to Mjolnir.  But they made it there without any incident.  “Does father know you’re here,” Thor asked.

“No,” Loki answered simply.  It was more than that, but he wasn’t about to get into that at the moment.  “Just get Mjolnir so we can get out of here.” Loki was a master of magic.  He was easily able to conceal the Jotuns that made it into Asgard, not that he was ever going to admit to that.  But being around this lot made him nervous.  Something didn’t quite sit right.

Loki watched as his brother grabbed Mjolnir and pulled, but then something happened that neither was expecting.  The hammer didn’t budge.  It remained locked in the ground.  “Thor,” Loki began.  “This is no time for jokes.”  But he saw the look on his brother’s face as Thor struggled to get the hammer out of the ground.  Thor was not joking.  “Thor.”  Loki sighed and took a moment to assess the others around him, while Thor continued to try and remove Mjolnir from the ground.

After a ten minute effort Thor finally gave up.  Clearly there was a reason he was no longer able to wield Mjolnir.  His father was not yet done teaching him.  Or maybe Odin would never be done.  This was Thor’s punishment for being arrogant and reckless.  His father no longer wanted anything to do with him.  Thor let go of the hammer and dropped down to his knees.  He looked up to the sky.  The sun was setting and the stars were beginning to poke through.

The scream of anguish that came from his brother was not something Loki was at all expecting.  And in that moment, the veil he had that kept them hidden from the creatures around them came down.  It was not something visible, but Loki knew.  Everyone around them stopped and stared.  “Damn.”


From the top of the hill Sam heard a low voice echo through the crater.  “Barton, did you hear that?” she asked.

Clint was on the ground, bow out (it was his weapon of choice).  He had been like that for the passed twenty-five minutes. Thor and Loki were now fifteen minutes late, but Sam kept insisting, ‘five more minutes’.  “I’ve got movement!”

“Son of a bitch.”  Sam jumped to her feet.  She pulled both handguns out from the holsters she had on each side of her.  “Stay here,” she shouted to Clint as she slid down the hill.

“SAM!”  Clint called after her, but he knew it’d be no use.  No, he was better to her where he was.  He could keep her safe from there.

Even as she ran she kept asking why she was doing this.  She pulled the triggers on both guns sending bullets flying, and she knew she probably wouldn’t make it out of this mess.

Sam managed to shoot and kick her way to the middle of the group, to where Thor and Loki were.  Thor seemed to be at a distinct disadvantage.  While he was a big guy, and could hold his own.  He had no weapons, and close combat was not something that worked well against the infected.  So she kept an eye on him as he fought off his attackers.  She ducked around a woman (or what used to be a woman), and slipped on the dusty ground, sliding to her knees, with her gun a few feet away.  “Shit,” she muttered.

Tags: character: clint barton/hawkeye, character: loki, character: thor, fic: run through the jungle, movie: thor, zombie au
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