June 4th, 2010


fic: Emergency (2/-)

Title: Emergency
Rating: R (Language + End of the Worldy-type stuff)
Pairing(s): Matt/Dom (but not overtly)
Word Count: 2,547 (this chapter)
Warnings: Spoilers for all five seasons of Supernatural; graphic death/character death later in the story.
Summary: "Declare this an emergency, come on and spread a sense of urgency.... Its time we saw a miracle, come on its time for something Biblical... This is the end of the world."
While trying to find the whereabouts of Pestilence, Sam and Dean Winchester stumble upon and article in a British newspaper.  All signs point to the Croatoan virus.  When Cas informs them that the outbreak appears to be an attack on a newly unprotected prophet (after Gabriel's death) Sam and Dean realize that they had no choice but to travel to the small seaside town of Teignmouth, Devon to make sure this prophet makes it out alive.
A/N (if any): This was originally supposed to be a simple crack story, but it has taken on a life of its own.  For that I would like to thank thevinegarworks , hopeandmemory , glitterati , and kaosspad for listening to me while I talked about this and worked things out in my mind.

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