November 13th, 2008


i'll man the flashlight

All righty so I haven't really updated this thing in like.... FOREVER! I'm really sorry about that. Life's been hectic. I haven't been online as much as I usually am and it makes me sad -sadface-. Anywho, I'm updating now to let you all know (even though most of you already know) what's been going on. The end of October I started working at Barnes and Noble. I absolutely love it there. We're like a really big family, though a lot of that is cause we were opening the store. For the first two and a half weeks we wore jeans, t-shirts, comfy clothes and we worked on setting up the store. I brought in like five CDs (all pretty much classic rock) and everyone loved it. It's been great.

Tuesday night we had our preview night and that went awesome. I bought my first really wicked awesome hardcover journal there. Its beautiful. I also got a Bad Company album, the only Bad Company album we had in the store. Our in store supply of music is kinda small, but we can order pretty much anything which is nice. By the way, for all who actually care. Torchwood: Almost Perfect is supposed to be released around the 28th of November (here in the states... or at least to our store). Back on track... right Bad Company album... I also bought season one of Criminal Minds. I love that show, really I do. And then I bought a couple books for my youngest niece. Part of the Junie B. Jones series... needless to say the boys picked on me for that.

Yesterday was my first day of work once the store opens. I'm supposed to be a music seller, upstairs, but they had me working the registers. I think it was mostly to give everyone a go at the registers before putting them in their sections. Then last night Nicky started coloring my hair. We didn't have enough bleach to finish it though. We're gonna finish it today... so we'll see how it looks. I'm excited and I'm completely blaming Katey for this cause she's the one that said I should go to the convention as "blonde" Ruby. Nicky wants to dress me up like Rose Tyler though, even though I look nothing like Billie Piper.

Speaking of Conventions... We're going tonight for pre-registration and the hopes that they still have tickets for Sunday for Lydia and Stef to buy. Then it all starts tomorrow at like... 11-ish. Its going to be crazy. There probably won't be a lot of con reports until afterwards but I'm gonna take notes this time or something, cause yeah... maybe I'll sneak my MP3 player in there and record all the audio from the Q&A's. I think that's the only way I'll be able to really remember what happened. Umm... I think that's about all for now. I'll have more updates after the convention -ish excited-
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