September 10th, 2008


The Day From Hell

All right... so, you know that when you're all set to have a great day everything has to go wrong, right?  Today was great up until this afternoon... I got up, took my mom to work, came back and slept for a bit.  I cleaned up my room and started the laundry.  Watched a little Doctor Who saw a little naked Jack, and headed off to my voice lessons.  Should have known naked Jack would ruin my day.  I get to COD, my voice lessons go great.  I had fun.  Then I leave COD only to find that someone (apparently driving a blue car and or truck) has scratched up the front of my mom's van.  No damage done, just a big blue scratch, so it could be worse.  And my mom won't kill me, since I didn't do it, but still!  Anywho, I come home only to find there's something wrong with the washer and none of the water drained out of it.  I started it again, hoping that changing the water level setting will help.  We'll see.  Some of the stuff I rung out and put in the drier.  I forgot to print the directions to Techie's, so I'm doing that now with my crappy dial -up.  I was gonna print them at school.  I almost forgot to stop and see where the OCC building was, but I remembered and found it.  I still have to pick my mom up, get gas and go up to Kenosha to get Techie.  God, I hope the drive up there isn't as excruciating... and given I only have 10 bucks for gas... this is gonna SUCK!  Oh well, such is my life... oh and my Torchwood parking shirt that megan got me is now possibly blue and black, instead of white and black........ great.  Thank god I was wearing my Cardiff shirt, cause otherwise it would have been blue too... WOO HOO! I blame this all on the Doctor (Nine to be exact).
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