August 23rd, 2008


Ren Faire mania

All right, so I'll try to start from the beginning.  I stayed over at Megan's (sgteam14283) last night because we were planning to go to the beach up in Michigan for a little mini birthday party for me.  Well the forecast called for rain and we didn't want to pay all that toll money just to get rained out and pay all the toll money to come back.  So we sat at her house for a while, deciding on what to do.  I suggested we go to the zoo, then a few minutes later I suggested the Ren Faire.  My friend, Nicky, works there.  She's a Lady Knight in the Kid's Kingdom, and also does the make up for three of the fairies (fantasticals).  That's a lot of the reason I wanted to go.

So anywho, Megan goes to print the directions and while she's doing that she checks her LJ.  Scrolling down her f-list she finds that bitemetechie is also planning to go to the Ren Faire today.  I told Megan to call her, but Megan didn't have her phone number... so we called Molli to get it and turns out Molli is planning on going to the Ren Faire as well!  It was like a little party it was awesome.  So we print out the directions and get ready to go.  Stopped back at my house to get my shoes... sure enough ten minutes after I left my work called (after I told them about ten times that I couldn't work today... not worried about it though).

We get in the car and OFF WE GO!  While heading there, since we chose to avoid tolls we had to take a crazy out of the way route, we got ourselves a little lost.  Or maybe we didn't... don't know.  But we got there, took a bit longer than we thought, but we made it. Oh and on the way we passed Journey's End family restaurant, and Megan and I started laughing.  We also passed "Winchester Rd"... which was pretty awesome.  Anywho... so we get there, we get in.  We stopped for the Mud Show on the way in, which was hilarious.... "I was calibrated last night" .... "Is that what she was doing?" ..... "Actually she left early so I had to calibrate myself."  Yeah it was awesome.

We continued to wander, found the Kid's Kingdom but sadly Nicky was nowhere in sight, so we continued on.  Finally we met up with Molli and Techie.  I met Techie briefly when she was in the area for CODcon... but didn't really get to talk to her much.  So it was cool to hang out with her, and she's officially awesome!  We wandered around for a bit.  Megan bought me an ensemble that consists of a black skirt, with purple and gold trim at the bottom.  A blue lace dress to go over it and a beige/tan vest thing to go over the blue dress.  Oh and these flower ribbon things for my hair.  I owe her BIGTIME! for her birthday!  I love her to death. -hugglesmegan-

So after I'm all dressed up and looking pretty we wandered around some more then we stopped to get food.  After we ate we decided to go check out the joust... just for the hell of it.  We got our seats: Megan, Molli, Techie, Me (in order from ((our)) right to left).  Then the joust started.  It was for lack of a better and more accurate term.... AMAZING!! MADE OF EPIC AWESOMENESS!  There were four knights... In Purple it was Egiron (sp?) of Aquitaine.  In yellow was Othello (i think) of the Moors.  In Red... sorry, burgundy... was Andrew of Scotland (though he didn't sound very Scottish) and finally in Green (and in our corner of the arena) was Sir William of... umm... well I don't remember.  And my god was that man gorgeous.  But, like Techie said, not in a traditional kind of way.  He was totally a badass.  It was amazing.  He was like, Spike and Lucius Malfoy rolled into one person, complete with Slytherin colors and bleached blonde hair!

The joust was awesome.  And it ended in there being a battle to the death announced.  It was going to take place two hours after the first one ended.  So Megan, Molli, Techie, and I wandered around for a bit.  We met up with Molli's friend, Jenna (?) and Jenna's friend... umm... I think it was Pete.  I don't know, all I remember is I was pretty much telling everyone to look at my boobs and didn't realize he was standing there.  So we wandered around for a while... anyone else sensing a theme here?  We went through the Dungeon tour... which me and Techie totally bonded over torture devices.... that last one... SOOOOO USING THAT!  Which I said while we were exiting the tour.... probably not a good idea, since other around didn't get the context.  I meant in writing, not in actual practice, although......

Techie, Jenna, Pete, and Molli left and Megan and I were left alone again.  We went back to the Kids' Kingdom and Queen Elizabeth was there doing Knighting ceremony for the kids.  Nicky was there as well.  I assumed she saw me so we got up and we headed back to the arena for the death match.  So... all the knights come in... Sir Andrew, who had been "injured" during the first joust was wearing a bloodied bandage around his torso and had "blood" coming from his mouth a bit.  The battle went on... charging on horseback at first then it moved to hand to hand combat, which was the best part.  The first "fatality" went to Sir Andrew of Scotland.  Sir William beat the hell out of him then knocked him to his knees and slit his throat (all staged of course).  The next fatality when to Sir Othello who was killed by Sir William.  The best part of that though is that Othello and William were "allies".

Finally the battle came down to Sir Egiron and Sir William.  William and Othello had done a number on Egiron (who seriously looked like he was twelve).  He was barely standing by the time it was just him and Sir William.  The kid put up a good fight, it was awesome to watch.  He got one really good attack on Sir William, brining the man to his knees, and causing him to drop his sort.  Egiron struggled to his feet and picked up William's sword.  He took both of them and cross the swords at William's neck and slit his throat.  So Egiron won and Sir William lost... but it was AWESOME!  I was convinced, especially since they had "Hogwarts" colors for the knights that it would be Andrew vs. William (Gryffindor vs. Slytherin) but it wasn't.  That was the best part of the day honestly.  And they had real stage blood too, so when Egiron was getting the crap beat out of him, or William slit Andrew's throat there was really "blood" that spurted out... along with the fatal attack on Sir William at the end.  It was the coolest thing ever.

When the joust was over, we decided to go home.  As we were walking away, I spotted Nicky, out of the Kids' Kingdom and talking to her mom (playing one of the ladies in Queen Elizabeth's court).  I ran over there and she turned and started to walk away from he rmom.  Nicky stopped and stared for a minute, squinting, then RAN up to me.  Ever since faire stared she kept saying that she wasn't going to break character for me, wasn't going to break character for me.  She broke character for me and Megan.  It was awesome.  Then she took us back by the fantasticals and pointed out Kyle, a REALLY pretty friend of hers.  I got a hug from him (which made me smile).  We walked a little ways away, then started to head back.  Nicky told me to go up to Kyle and say "mudkip"... so I walked up to him, waited for a little bit, until he was back sitting by his tree.  Then I knelt down in front of him and said: "Mudkip?"

He looked at me like he didn't know what I meant for a split second.  Then it hit him and his eyes got really wide and he started laughing.  I went back over to where Nicky and Megan were sitting and he looked around the tree and stuck out his tongue.  It was awesome.  Then Megan and I decided to leave.  We gave Nicky a hug and left the faire.  It didn't take us nearly as long to get home as it did to get there.  We got back to Megan's house, but were only there for a few minutes before she grabbed my actual presents and we headed home.  I opened the presents up in the car.  She got me the "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff" clock along with the "Torchwood Parking only" shirt... I LOVED IT!

Then I came inside, and now I am letting you all know what happened.  Now that I'm done, I'm going to take a shower.