July 2nd, 2008



So today has been.... interesting to say the least.  First off, I'm driving to school this morning and I see this car with the BEST license plate I've seen, well... maybe.  "Capt Jon".... like... Hart?  AMAZING! Then I get to school and I'm in my psychology class.  We were talking about gender recognition and somehow we got onto the subject of sex changes.  I took this opportunity to be amazing... or at least in my little brain.  We were in groups and I took the opportunity to say "So, I had this friend.  Let's call him Victor, cause that's his name.  Normal guy, liked a drink, liked sport, but he starts acting strange, then disappears for a couple of months, and when he comes back.... We have to start callin' him Vanessa."  I got a laugh out of my little group.  Apparently they thought I came up with that.  All the credit goes to Torchwood though.  Then I came home.  I was supposed to go over to my friend's house cause she was going to dye my hair, but I decided to go home first to make sure she was awake.  When I got home my parents called from the grocery store... my mom locked the keys in the car.  This was the start to an amazing day.  "Amazing". 

Anyway.  My dad called and asked for the keys.  Except I was checking the messages on the answering machine and didn't recognize the number.  So since the answering machine was busy, it went straight to voice mail, causing my dad to think that I was online.  So I get the message right after I check the answering machine and I start looking around the kitchen for the spare key for my mom's car.  But all I can find are my dad's keys.  I decide that I should go and ask them where the key was (since none of us have a cell phone its rather ridiculous).  I get to the grocery store and my mom walks up to me and says "Where's Dad?" Apparently Dad started walking home... in the HEAT.... and my dad's not exactly young, so my mom was like freaking out.  So we drive home (in my dad's car) and we found my dad on the way home, he was fine.  We get home but STILL can't find the spare key.  Turns out it was on my BROTHER'S keychain... why the spare key to my MOM'S VAN was on my BROTHER'S keychain is beyond me.

So I called my brother (that's how we found out he had it) and start to get directions to go get the key, cause he's at work.  But my mom's pissed cause he shouldn't have the key to begin with.  She takes the phone and tells him to meet us at Dominick's (the store they were at) with the key.  So we wait, it takes him half an hour.  Now the ice cream my mom bought earlier has been stuck in the back of our van for AN HOUR! He met my mom and me at the store and we got the key.  My mom said thank you but he was in a pissy mood.  Which he had no right to be, because he shouldn't have had the key to begin with.  But that's not the point. 

So we go home, get the groceries in, but we still have more shopping to do.  So we go to one more store, no problems.  Then we go to the next and we've finished checking out and now, for some unknown reason her card doesn't work.  So we're on our way home to get my dad's card, and come back for the groceries.  We have one more stop to make so my mom decides to try the card there.  Again, we've got everything rung up and ready to go and the card doesn't work.  So we have to leave EVERYTHING there (again) and go home to get the card.  So we went to get my dad's card, which worked at both stores and we came home.  Its been interesting that's for sure.