April 10th, 2008


November Rain: Prologue and Ch. 1 "Torchwood"

All right so I am blaming this completely on MEGAN!!! -points and glares- Okay well its not completely Megan's fault.  Its partly my friends Katey and Kelsey.  But I have currently become ADDICTED! to Torchwood.  That being said I took a character from a Highlander fanfiction I am working on and brought her over to Torchwood.  This story, November Rain is a sequel/spin-off of the Highlander fic I am still working on.  Also, I must put some of the blame on three other people... in this order... Burn Gorman (for being the most adorable asshole on television), John Barrowman (for being... well... JACK FUCKING! HARKNESS), and Gareth David-Lloyd (for being so DAMN adorable).  There's no significance to the title, other than it was the song I happened to be listening to while making the banner.  The chapter titles however will (with the exception of this one) be song lyrics that fit the events of the chapter.

Well... here we go... I hope this doesn't suck....

oh and i made a banner!

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