February 8th, 2008



Okay, so for the record... I DO NOT SQUEE! (at least not on LJ).  Anyways, I'm just very excited once again because I found out a few weeks ago that I will actually be able to transfer to Columbia earlier than expected.  I will be able to transfer by the Fall of 2009.  This is incredibly exciting to me.  Once I transfer I can focus on my major (and minor).  I will be majoring in Film and Video with a concentration in Screenwriting and I will have a minor in Television.  Once I have eighty hours (total including GenEds), and $10,000 I will be able to take the Semester in L.A. program.  That is really the thing I want to take.  I've been reading details about it... and its just amazing.  I am beyond excited about it.  Some of the courses you can take include screenwriting courses (taught by ACTUAL working screenwriters) and a course (or more?) on Television pilot development.  I don't know how I'm going to get the money, maybe I can take out a student loan or something.  The program has a pretty good job placement rate.  3 out of 4 students that take the program end up with internships or paying jobs in that field, so I'm pretty excited.  Soon will be the day when you will all be watching my television show!  I am the lovechild of Eric Kripke and Peter DeLuise!

its atlantis!!!!!
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