February 5th, 2008


just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water......

So, Thursday after I come home from COD, I find out that my brother was let go from his job at the Audi dealership in Wisconsin.  I felt so bad for him.  He was so excited when he got that job and it was supposed to be his career.  Now he's lost it, I still don't understand why, but he did.  I felt awful.  He came home on Thursday night so we could take just one care up to Madison to get his stuff.  We left at around 6 in the morning and got up there around eleven.  The snow was awful on the roads and it took us so long, not to mention the times we almost ran off the road.  Anyways, so we made it up there and worked all day packing up his apartment.  I did not even complain about the dog hair and fact that I couldn't breathe.  I asked my mom once that if we go to Wal-mart could we pick up some Claritin.  She said yes so around one o'clock we went out for lunch and a stop at Wal-mart.  We got some Claritin and I took it.  It didn't help, never does.  But I didn't complain, cause I was there to help my brother.

We finish and we're on our way home.  I'm exhausted because I finally got to sleep Thursday night (more like Friday morning) at three, then woke up at five and was up all day.  We left Madison at nine, though it was more like nine-thirty when we finally hit the road after stopping for dinner.  It did not take as long to get back home.  When we finally got home I no longer felt bad for my brother.  He got pissed off when I didn't want to help unload the moving truck.  I was exhausted and my mom said I didn't have to, so I didn't.  I did not get one single thank you, or anything resembling a thank you.  The next day after the truck and van were finally emptied, Nate got angry because I didn't help.  No one woke me up to help or anything.  My mom said that I did not have to do anything that day, that was why my dad was going to go grocery shopping with her.  Nate got all mad that he would have to help carry groceries in when Mom got home.  God forbid he actually help around the house.

So then it started, the funness of having my brother home.  I was busy and gone the next two days.  Jenny came home from Minnesota so I was hanging out with her.  On Sunday morning around one o'clock we went out to Steak n' Shake with Jenny's boyfriend Charlie, my boyfriend Tom and Charlie's roommate Mike, oh and Charlie's friend Ben.  That was fun.  Sunday me and Jenny hung out for a while, didn't really do much.  She stayed over on Sunday night too and we went to COD on Monday.  On our way home from school yesterday Megan stopped by the train station to pick up Tom (thank you again for that by the way).  We went back home and shortly after that Jen left and it was just me and Tom.  My brother was with Beth (shocker).  Tom ordered pizza and breadsticks and we watched Return of the King.  I realized while watching it that I have not seen a majority of the extended version.  I think since I got it I have watched it once and I fell asleep during it.  It was kind of funny.  Anyways Tom left the cheese pizza he ordered here with me cause I like cheese pizza.  There was half of it left and one box of breadsticks that he left for me.

I told my brother, after Tom left, that if he wanted tomorrow (today) he could have a piece of pizza and one of the breadsticks if he wanted.  I came down stairs this morning and the WHOLE half of the pizza was gone along with most of the breadsticks.  I was going to say something to Nate about it when I realized that he had a whole box of our microwavable White Castle burgers for lunch... no BETH had the whole half the pizza.  I wasn't aware that Tom ordered pizza for Beth.  It sounds so stupid and pointless, and in the grand scheme of things it is.  But that's just how it starts.  Little things.  They don't give a damn about anyone in this house.  I was so happy when both of them are gone and even though Beth doesn't technically live here, now that Nate's home she's going to be here all the time.  My mom told Nate he wasn't allowed to use my bathroom, what she meant was he wasn't allowed to wash his hands and shower in there but I would prefer him not use it at all.  I just cleaned my bathroom and now the toilet's all gross.  It's so annoying.  At least Nate didn't bring Nina back here.  I mean nothing against Nina but I can't breathe when she's here.

Just when I was happy, everything was great.  I was in school, yeah I didn't have a job, but I was in school and I have a boyfriend and I was so happy for once.  Then Nate came home.  I understand he lost his job, but he could be a little more respectful to us instead of expecting everything from us.  He did not even say thank you to me for helping him move.  I missed school to help him and it was almost like he expected me to go.  Beware of more posts like this in the future... I think I'm going to go insane.  If it weren't for Columbia and Tom I would actually consider moving back to St. Louis.  Oh well, looks like I have to suffer again.

In other more exciting news, sort of... I have actually managed to keep a boyfriend for three months... YAY.  He told me he wanted me to get him a video game for him for his birthday on the 26th.  Unfortunately he forgot once again to tell me what game.  So the really good news.  My youth pastor (and a good friend of my family) is getting married, we got an invitation in the mail today.  I'm so excited.  The wedding's in March.  There was a rather big typo in the invitation though.  It said, March 15, 2007.  That means it was a year ago... hahaha.  Well, hopefully I don't lose my mind before then.