January 16th, 2008


A Long Road I've Got to Stay in Time With

All right, so I haven't posted anything in a really really long time.  I've been busy and as far as my writing goes, I haven't really had the right state of mind to sit down and write anything.  In September my nephew Lucas died.  I don't remember if I wrote anything on that or not, but since then my life has been kind of stressful, or at the very least distracting.  At the end of October (Halloween to be exact) I met a guy, a guy who is now my boyfriend.  His name is Tom.  He's sweet, when he's not constantly teasing me.  Anyways, I've spent the majority of my time with him recently.  Normally when I go see him I'll go early in the morning and be there all day.  He lives half an hour away from me and I don't have a car, so I take the train.  Anyways, things are calming down now.  I'm back in school, which feels good.  I feel like I'm getting things accomplished now.  I have three classes, well two right now then two in the second have of the semester.  I'm taking a history class that lasts all semester and a humanities class that lasts until March.  When the humanities class ends I am picking up a music class.  Hopefully I will be able to join Megan's anthropology class as well.  Things are a lot more calm now and hopefully I'll be able to start writing more.  I am sort of losing my muse though with the lack of new episodes of Supernatural.  No worries though, at least temporarily.  New episodes start back up again on the 31st.  Sadly though there will only be four more new episodes and after that they won't even be showing repeats on the CW.  The CW went and moved Reaper to Thursday nights.  They won't even be showing new episodes of Reaper on the new night either, it will STILL be repeats.  This writer's strike is really starting to get to me.  But that is a rant for another time.  I must be leaving now.  TTFN