May 13th, 2007


Wheel In the Sky: Ch. 1

All right... so I know at least one person who's going to kill me for starting a new SN fanfic.  But I was thinking about the episode "Folsom Prison Blues" and the fact that Agent Henrickson said how hard it was to find the Winchesters.  I started wondering what might happen if Henrickson turned to the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI.  Didn't he ever wonder why the Winchesters were the way they were?  He obviously doesn't know about the hunting so what could their motives for these things possibly be.  Those are questions profilers would ask.  Thus this has become a crossover fic with CBS' Criminal Minds.  As far as ships go... well read and you'll find out.  But it's something completely different for me.  Anyways, the title comes from Journey's "Wheel In the Sky" the chapter titles (shown in the cuts) are the lyrics to the song.

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