April 23rd, 2007


Can't Take The Honkytonk Out of the Girl

So... today was an interesting day.  I went upstairs to do my homework for Speech and pay some of my mom's bills online like I always do.  When I tried to turn my computer on it wouldn't.  Now I've had tons of trouble with my pathetic excuse for a laptop this was the final straw.  I told my mom about it and she said that she'd talk to my dad.  He works at a junior high where every year they get new laptops.  The first time they were being sold for $100 and the next year they were free.  That's how I got mine.  This year however they're selling them for $300.  When my mom found out about that she decided to take me to Best Buy.  I got a new laptop today.  It was only about a hundred dollars more than what the school was selling them for and this one is brand new.  So YAY!!! I'm so happy.  Now I just need to get my crappy ass laptop to work long enough to get all my stuff transfered.  So today was a good day.  Anyways, I should go and work on my speech homework that I haven't started yet.  Well... I'm off.
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