April 20th, 2007


Come What May...

All righty so I was thinking today about where I want to go after I get out of COD.  I've finally made a decision.  I don't really want to go too far away from school, I'll miss my friends too much and that wouldn't be good.  So I've decided that I want to go to Columbia College in Chicago.  I read some of the course descriptions and I think my major's gonna be in television.  Either that or in film and video with a concentration in directing.  Anyway.... one of their television writing classes.... Writing a TV Drama... in the class you have to write two acts (the first half of an hour long episode) of a current running television drama... *prays Supernatural or Criminal Minds is still on when I get there*  I think that would be very exciting.  I'm a loser though so what do I know.  Anyways, that's where I want to go after I get out of COD.  Any thoughts?  I know the school's kinda hard to get into since it's an art school.  I'll just have to do my best.  Feedback is greatly appreciated.
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