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31 December 2014 @ 09:59 pm


31 December 2013 @ 04:58 pm
In Short:
Katelyn (but I answer to Kate, Katie, Dom, Jack, Carson, or Lovemuffin), Twenty-two; Supernatural addict; slasher; graphic artist; future Eric Kripke.

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05 October 2011 @ 02:30 pm

Title: Run Through The Jungle
Fandom: Thor (Movie!verse/zombie au)
Rating: PG-13/R (its really just language stuff right now, though there might be some pretty bloody parts later on in the story)
Summary: After sparking a war with Jotunheim, Thor is banished to Earth.  But Odin has more in mind that simply teaching Thor a lesson.  After crashing down to Earth, Thor discovers that Midgard is not how he remembered.  An infection has spread across the entire realm, cause people to turn on each other.  After Odin falls into the Odinsleep, Loki is informed of the conditions on Earth and decides to offer his brother a hand.  But when they’re both refused entrance back into Asgard, Thor and Loki have only a pair of mortals, traveling to New York, to turn to.
Author’s Note: I want to thank Ash (kitsu84) for letting me bounce ideas off of her.  And I’d like to thank Magnus Martinsson for being in the initial zombie apocalypse dream that sparked all of this.

Also if you have any suggestions for communities that I should crosspost this at, let me know.  I haven't been on LJ in a while, so I'm not really a part of any communities for this.

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